wedding first look

All about the first look

According to tradition, it’s bad luck for agroom to see the bride in her wedding dress before the ceremony. However, a new modern tradition seems to be shattering that bad luck theory, and that is the ‘first look”. Unless you’ve been to several weddings, stumbled across it on Pinterest, work in the wedding industry, or have been married previously, you may not know what the first look is all about.

wedding first look

A first look is when the bride and groom choose to have a staged (by the photographer) private moment prior to the ceremony. So, why would a bride and groom want to have a first look?  Well…

1.       Wedding schedules are typically JAM PACKED.

Couples typically don’t get a moment between just the two of them to truly take in all the emotion of their day until after they leave the wedding. A first look gives them that time some couples may need.

2.       The emotions are running high

You know that reaction a groom has when he’s waiting at the end of an aisle with his bride walking towards him? Well , that’s the same effect for a couple that has chosen to do a first look. Seeing the bride makes everything real and brings all the emotions to the surface. Only with a first look, you don’t have 100+ people staring at you.

3.       Honest moment

Some brides who have decided to have a first look may describe it as “raw and honest”. Although a first look is staged, the feelings and reactions are not. The bride and groom won't naturally try to manipulate how their reactions in that moment because no one is there to watch their every move. That moment is truly for them.

Wedding first look

4.       Amazing photos

Having amazing photos is definitely not a reason in itself to do a first look, buuuuut because there is so much chemistry and emotion between the bride and groom during a first look, couples definitely come out with great photos to look back on and remember.

5.       You can get creative

First looks are a relatively new concept compared to traditional wedding ideas. Since first looks are more of a modern idea, it may feel like a bride and groom has more of a creative license when implementing one into their wedding. For example, maybe they want their closest friends or family to witness the first look so they have them in attendance. Maybe a couple doesn’t want to see each other before the ceremony, but they like the idea of emotional photos when someone sees them ready for a ceremony for the first time – they may opt for a first look with their parents instead. The possibilities are endless and highly customizable to your wedding.

A first look may sound great, but there could be cons too.

1.       It could be awkward

Maybe you’re not an emotional couple. It’s completely okay if you’re not that kind of couple. Don’t do a first look just because it’s the trend. A first look will only be effective if you think there will be a lot of feeling behind it.

2.       It’s could be a killjoy

There’s a lot to be said for traditions. As a bride, you may want all of your friends and family sharing the groom’s emotion with him as you walk down the aisle. If the idea  of a groom seeing you before the ceremony makes it feel less special in your mind – by all means SKIP the first look idea.

As with anything, go with your gut feeling and not the trend. Only choose what will add to your special day.

Former brides: Did you or did you not have a first look, and why? Help a sister out, and share your tips with future brides in the comments!

Happy planning!