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The Studio

Belinda Marie Photography - The Studio is Coming Soon

Wedding photography will always have my heart, but ultimately I want to keep growing and improving. Aside from wedding photography, I've been hoping to do more studio work as well.

Getting Personal..

This blog would not be real unless I mentioned that without the support from my husband, I wouldn't be anywhere near where I am in photography. Joey is my biggest supporter. Every decision we've made in the last four years, he considers how it will affect my business without any hesitation or complaint. In September 2016, we sold our first home of eight years in hopes of finding a safer area and better school system for our son. This meant downsizing from a four bedroom home to an apartment until we find out where we'd like to establish our roots.

Putting our first home on the market

Putting our first home on the market

Although we enjoyed the amenities of the apartment, and Connor loved his school for Kindergarten- my gear and props were taking up any space we had and preventing any expansion I wanted to make. After only a few months, we decided to start our home search.

In January, we finally found the perfect neighborhood for us.

Bay Creek East

We chose Robyn Breece with the Richwine Group, and without her - our dream home would not be possible. Not only did she help us pick the floor plan but she helped us within the design studio to ensure my new studio will be perfect for not only my gear and equipment, but have a comfortable feel for all clients.

We're Breaking Ground!

After selecting a plot, floor plan, and our design options we waited approximately six weeks for permits to come back. Now the fun can begin!

We're beyond excited

We're beyond excited

Although the new studio most likely won't be open to new clients until the end of the year, this is a major step forward! I cannot wait to take you all on this new journey with my family, and I'm looking forward to many more studio sessions with you all.