Relaxing vacations

We needed a break

I'm just like any other working mom. I run on a LOT of coffee and very little sleep. I can't really blame my kid though, I'm the type of person that HAS to stay busy. I do however have my limits. Those limits were tested over the summer after working full time on multiple projects, attending several events, getting my home ready to sell, and being a mom with a husband that also works A LOT.

I missed my family and it was definitely time for us to slow down and take a vacation to spend some time together.

For me, the beach is always the first thing on my mind when we plan a vacation. I love going somewhere tropical, and trying new places. We typically like to take cruises so we can see several different places in one vacation, but we started planning so last minute, that all cruises within our date ranges were fully booked.

I was honestly really sad! I mean, where could we go that would still be really warm in late September/early October, sightsee, enjoy beautiful beaches, and eat a lot of really good food? We decided on a trip to the Keys!

For about the same price as a cruise, we chose to stay at Hawks Cay Resort. It was the perfect place for us to recharge. The resort was absolutely beautiful. From our room, we could see the main pool and hot tubs, an oversized luxury firepit, the resort's little private lagoon, and water from the Atlantic.

We ate our lunch a few times on our room's private balcony, but when we felt like socializing there were plenty of people and little events going on by the main pool. Although there was a crowd, my son still had plenty of room to perform endless cannonballs and play catch with his dad.

In my opinion, the food felt a tad pricey so although we dined at all of their locations at least once, we also ventured off the property a few times to try some local places.


So - If you're looking for a honeymoon spot, or a place to relax with your family, I highly recommend Hawk's Cay Resort - and their crazy good chocolate cake.