Chaney Family

Sarah has been a close personal friend of mine for close to 20 years – yikes, that made me feel super old. We grew up together on the southside of Indianapolis, and to this day she reminds me that one of the reasons we became friends was because I told her, “You look just like Jennifer Anniston” when we were only about 9. I know I was a very awkward child, it’s ok to laugh.

Sarah called in October to tell me that she was expecting. When I got the call our conversation went a little something like:

Sarah: “Hey Belinda! I was just calling to tell you I wanted to set up a family photo session”

Me: “OH HECK YEAH! That’s exciting! I miss you guys- I haven’t seen you in what feels like forever”

Sarah: “I know, only this time we’re going to need a family photo session of four”

Me: “Okay…. Sooooo is Tambra coming?” (side note: Tambra is her mom :-))

Sarah: “Belinda, I’m pregnant! This is me trying to tell you I’m pregnant”

Me: “Oh my god, I’m an idiot. YOU’RE PREGNANT?!” (excited screams ensue)

So, clearly I don’t always catch on – Luckily Sarah can speak Belinda and I finally got it!

Congratulations to one of my favorite little families! I cannot wait to meet your new little bundle of joy in May.

Love you all very much!