Derek + Hannah Engagement Session

I previously met Derek and Hannah in early April at a Starbucks (you may have noticed a trend by now -  I do love my coffee!) in Greenwood to get to know them a little bit and discuss their wedding.

Derek and Hannah described themselves as laid back, classic style, with a love for animals and IU. Hoo Hoo Hoosiers! – as you can imagine, I quickly fell in love with this couple

The day finally came for engagement photos – and the location they picked… drumroll please….


……Holcomb Gardens!

If you’ve never heard of Holcomb Gardens, it is a STUNNING park located on Butler University but open to the public. Holcomb Gardens is one of my all-time favorite park locations. Within the park you have multiple bridges, beautiful fountains, cement steps with a tower, and of course if you go in the summer, you’ll have flowers galore. There are so many different settings within the park – you CANNOT go wrong choosing this location for an engagement session. Needless to say, I was stoked.

Now everyone loves the end result of engagement photos because like a wedding they are about love and you can get SUPER creative in how you want them to look. However, engagement photos can be slightly tricky  because It is absolutely not easy to get in front of a camera and have a stranger in your face asking you to smile, or telling you to kiss your fiancé. Props to Derek and Hannah though, they were so light hearted and fun!


I hope you enjoyed the photos from their engagement session.

Stay tuned for photos of their October wedding