First look

Derek + Hannah

October 8, 2016 finally arrived!

It was Derek and Hannah’s wedding day! 

(Side note: You can read about their engagement here.)

Hannah and Derek chose to tie the knot at a gorgeous venue called The Cabin on the south side of Indianapolis. While the venue has a charming rustic flair, it is not the traditional barn wedding. The Cabin has a beautiful backdrop where couples exchange their vows at an altar facing a large pond, and many other scenic areas for photos.

When I arrived at The Cabin, the girls were having a great time laughing, telling stories, getting their makeup and hair done while wearing their squad shirts and sipping from their best bitches mugs.

While the bridal party was getting ready, I took a few moments to capture the bride’s IU shoes and beautiful lace gown.

Now that Hannah had her dress on, she was ready to see her groom. A trend that is becoming more of a common request is  that a photographer stage what is called a “first look”. A first look happens before the bride and groom walk down the aisle, when they want to share a private moment away from the bridal party and guests. Although not considered traditional, some brides and grooms decide to have a first look because of the emotional photos they’ll receive as well as it being the only private moment the bride and groom will likely have all day. Clients can always request a first look with their photographer during their consultation or when finalizing their shooting schedule.

Hannah and Derek had decided during our wedding consultation that they would like to have a first look. Hannah was very excited to surprise her groom, and Derek was sooooo ready to see his bride – poor guy I felt like I was torturing him by asking him to turn and face the barn.  When the moment came to finally see Hannah, Derek turned and instantly cried tears of joy.

As the ceremony start time was approaching, I took a few moments to document all of the amazing décor put together by the bride herself.

The ceremony needless to say was a tear jerker. Everyone involved within their wedding, including guests, were obviously very emotionally tied to the couple and ready to celebrate their union. Even though Hannah and Derek had a first look, they were still so excited to see each other and hear what the other wrote for their vows. Hannah’s vows were amazingly thoughtful and sweet, making Derek follow up with “I wish I would have gone first”.

After “I dos” were exchanged, we took an hour for a few bridal party photos

The entire bridal party was now ready to do what they do best…PARTY. As they were being introduced, the bride and groom made a grand entrance doing the “Whip and Nae Nae” (didn’t I mention already that I loved this couple?)

The reception was mainly held in a white tent near the ceremony location where guests enjoyed salad and lasagna for dinner.  

Guests then toasted to the bride and groom after the maid of honor and best man delivered their speeches, and the couple cut a beautiful one tier wedding cake among a large table of multi flavored cupcakes.

After going around thanking the guests for coming, the bride and groom shared their first dance as the sun was setting behind the cabin. Guests gathered around as the couple danced under twinkling party lights strung above them.

The dance floor opened up to guests shortly after the groom shared a dance with his mother. Friends and family at this wedding were not afraid to show off some of their moves.

As the celebration was coming to an end, guests lined up with sparklers and glow sticks to congratulate the new Mr. & Mrs. Snyder.

Hannah + Derek a (610).JPG

Congratulations, Derek & Hannah!