Dressing for Spring

Dressing for your Spring Photo Sesh

Hey, Indy! Spring has finally decided to grace us in all of it's glory. It's a beautiful time of year, which means it's time to get out outside, soak up the sun, and get your annual family pictures! I know - I'm sorry, that was probably pretty predictable.

Spring means fresh and new, ya know - unlike my poor sales pitch, but I digress. Why not get your family pictures now? What could possibly be holding you back? If it's the lack of new and exciting clothes, fret not, I'm here to offer my expertise.

Although I'm not a fashion expert or designer by any means, I do have to look at you through my camera. Not that any of my clients have ever looked less than absolutely stunning, of course. I have however learned a few tricks along the way.


It does. It total does. Color of clothing can be a big deal! As I think we've learned from the great dress debate of 2015. Let me just say, I think we all can agree now that the dress was white and gold, amiright? Moving on. I personally don't have an all time favorite color, because I love so many. However,  I know not all colors mesh well together. When picking outfits for portraits, be aware what others in the group are wearing, your location, and props chosen. If all of the color elements in your photo compliment one another than your photo will pop. Want to choose colors that compliment each other as well as express your personality? I suggest playing around on Pinterest! Challenge yourself to come up with new and exciting color palettes and the rest will fall into place.


I realize this seems rather obvious, but - there are also instructions on shampoo bottles, so I will continue. Photographs express emotion and how the subject was feeling at that time. You and any other viewer can tell if the subject of a portrait was cold, hot, hangry (<-Not a typo), or they simply weren't feeling it. Dressing appropriately for the weather will make you more comfortable, and you will exude more confidence in your photos.


Bold patterns and lettering on clothing immediately catch attention, because that's typically their purpose. When you or a viewer look at your portraits, do you want your shirt to be noticed, or do you want them noticing your fabulous face? Do you want your shirt to tell your audience you're a diva, or would you rather just look like one? Not that I don't enjoy a nice pattern or graphic tee, but If we want to look at clothes, we all know where to shop. Your audience wants to see that beauty that is Y-O-U! 


Finally, after what seems like a bossy rant written by the fashion police, I will close on a happy note. Be yourself. Clothes ultimately do not express who you are as a person, but they will make you feel good about yourself. Pick clothes that make you feel attractive, excited, comfortable, and confident and that is what your viewers will see.