Starting Off the New Year

The new year for most people is a time for reflection and change. Although, I’ve not been posting much recently, I must say that I’ve had more than my fair share of reflection and change. Belinda Marie Photography is in the beginning of the third year in business and I really wanted to start with a new perspective and fresh ideas. I’ve truly taken my clients and followers into consideration when creating my plan for 2016, and I’m so excited that I can’t help but share!

Growth and Improvement

Growth and improvement have always been my main focus. I believe that there will always be room to grow and improve as a photographer, and because of that belief I’ve always reinvested what I’ve earned from photo sessions back into Belinda Marie Photography. I’m happy to say that Belinda Marie Photography is starting off 2016 with new higher quality equipment! I know, that probably only sounds exciting to me – BUT better equipment will allow me to put my knowledge, experience, and creativity to better use. Bottom line? You’re gonna get better results. 


I love meeting new people, I love getting to know my clients, and I love getting their feedback! However, I’ve realized I’ve never really asked for feedback.  We all have our weaknesses and let’s just say involvement is one of mine. Constructive feedback or a kind word here and there, it’s all welcome! Above all I want to know that I have a satisfied client! How do I know if my clients are happy when I don’t ask? Well, that will all be changing. Currently, I provide an optional questionnaire prior to photo sessions, but I don’t want to stop there! I love all my clients and definitely want them to return. To keep communication going with my clients, I will be sending a follow up survey at the end of every session.

Other than involvement with existing clients, I feel it’s important to keep meeting new clients as well! Please keep a look out for me in upcoming events hosted around Indy. Announcements will be made prior to every event. Even if you aren’t interested in booking a session, stop by and say hello! I love meeting a friendly face.

I'm not only growing my clientele, but expanding my affiliations and relationships with other vendors as well. As a wedding and portrait photographer, my clients are all different ages and have all different needs. Recognizing that occasionally my clients are looking for referrals for their special events, I felt that building relationships with other vendors is absolutely essential for bringing my clients new options and hopefully good deals. Stay tuned!

My online followers can also expect to see me get more involved. More social media posts, more blogs, more vendor referrals, and more behind the scenes insight. I want to connect with everyone in a way that’s fun and helpful! I will also be encouraging followers to subscribe to receive emails with information regarding session specials, current promotions, and recent blogs. More is the theme of 2016.

More options and development

Not only have new packages been added, but I’m currently exploring new styles of photography! I love offering options that are fun, adventurous, and innovative. Currently looking to add options such as drone coverage during weddings, boudoir portraits, professional headshots, real estate photos, and more. Please look for those additions coming later this year!

As you can see, growth and expansion is the name of the game this year! Thank you for all the love and support as Belinda Marie Photography continues serving Indy.