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While the delivery phase is more behind the scenes, it’s probably the most important part of the client experience.

Images taken by Belinda Marie Photography are always edited by me. No outsourcing here! Many photographers outsource their work and still have beautiful final images, but I feel this comes at a cost and even becomes a disadvantage to clients.

For a photographer, outsourcing can be expensive, limits the number of final images, and although it saves them their own personal time- clients don’t necessarily get their photos any quicker.

By editing my own photos, I have complete control of the final product and timeline. Not only can I guarantee a high end consistent quality at a lower cost because I’m able to stay in contact with clients about the status and what to expect.


Although new editing trends and styles are beautiful, you won’t find them in my gallery. As a wedding photographer, it’s important to me that photos are beautifully timeless. Clients can expect colors to be natural and bold, non permanent marks removed, features enhanced but not overly done.

Receiving Images

Clients receive their high resolution portraits in four different finishes via online gallery and USB. Images are provided in color, black and white, matte, and matte black and white.

The online gallery grants you access to an exclusive professional photography lab, or you can print anywhere with your print release.

The temporary gallery allows you to share images easily with friends, family and social media as well as save favorites, order prints, and even start building an album.